The Fragrance of Forgiveness Floats Forever

By KM Huber

Forgiveness is the fragrance of the heart bursting open like a budded flower whose desire to bloom is greater than the security of staying unto itself. Forgiveness floats upon life unconditionally as “the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it” (Mark Twain).

Forgiveness affirms life—its fragrance knows no bounds–we accept that what has occurred is in the past where it belongs. We cannot change a cross word that has been spoken or a thoughtless action that has been taken. The first steps of forgiveness lead out of the past.

Forgiveness is born of pain that has wrapped us tight, closed us off; slowly, its seeds grow until the heart must release itself into life again. The heart beats to love, and each of us has “our” kind of love to give. It is how we connect with every being on this planet. We extend ourselves.

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The fragrance of forgiveness is a reminder that life is impermanent but that the experience of each moment is its own lifetime. We are not so different for we, too, begin and end in a moment that lasts a lifetime. Forgiveness is available in every moment we are alive. Just one deep breath and the fragrance fills us.

The open heart does not dwell on its wounds but trusts that the seeds of forgiveness will take hold and bloom in their own time. The past is no more and the future is not yet—the moment is all we ever have—to cultivate our courage, to roar with compassion.

In forgiving, we discover the power of loving-kindness. Ours is not to bind anyone with conditions but to open our heart, to wash away the anger, to breathe in the fragrance of forgiveness and to make it ours for a lifetime.

Sincere forgiveness isn’t colored with expectations that the other person apologizes or changes. Don’t worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time.

~Sara Paddison~

There are no conditions in which forgiveness is not possible but there are times it seems inconceivable. The harder it is to forgive the more it is needed. Forgiveness is not a dish deserved but the scraping away of conditions that no longer serve, if they ever did.

We immerse ourselves in the acceptance of all that we are and are not, our wisdom and grace, our missteps and shortcomings. We accept that the life we have lived has brought us to the present moment. What is done is done for all time but so, too, floats forever the fragrance of forgiveness.


KM Huber is a writer who learned Zen from a beagle. She believes the moment is all we ever have, and it is enough. In her early life as a hippie, she practiced poetry, and although her middle years were a bit of a muddle, she remains an overtly optimistic sexagenerian, writing prose. She blogs at kmhubersblog.com, may be followed on Twitter @KM_Huber or contacted by email at writetotheranch[at]gmail[dot]com.

© 2014 KM Huber. All content on this page is protected by copyright. If you would like to use any part of this, please contact me at the above links to request permission.

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